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WENZHOU GUOHONG PACKAGING CO.,LTD is a leading manufacturer of customized shopping bags . such as non woven bags, PP woven bags, cooler bags,polyester bags, cotton bags,suit covers ,non-woven materials and etc .Backed by a close-knit team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable professionals, we are a group of eco-friendly ‘Bag for Life’ devotees, committed to sourcing the latest sustainable materials and honing print techniques so that we can help you to design the perfect custom-made branded bag. There are over 1000 employees in our company and the month production capacity has been over 1,300,000 pieces. We all make the goods according to the customers' requirements, including the design,material, and size. because of trust, loyalty and determination,we have customers like Wal-Mart,PUMA,Carrefour,Disney,Coca- Cola, FANC,Eroski,etc. All of our products come with our Unconditional Guarantee; this alone makes us both unique in the industry and very confident in all products that we supply.
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